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Framed book cover


About the Book:
 A few things to know about Dylan:

He is the only boy in his entire town—so forget about playing soccer.

His best friends are two pet chickens.

His family owns the world’s only gas station/coffee house—their pies are to die for, but profits are in the hole.

Criminal instincts run in his family—his sister is a mastermind-in-training, and the tax men are after his father for questioning.

And one more small thing about nine-year-old Dylan—the crime of the century has just fallen into his lap.

With the same easy mix of wit, warmth, and wonder that made his debut novel, “Millions,” an award-winning international bestseller, Frank Cottrell Boyce tells the story of a boy who reminds an entire town of the power of art.

My Two Cents: Like all of Boyce’s books, Framed is heartfelt and hilarious. There’s a great deal of art in this distinctly British book, but it will absolutely appeal to boys because of all the humor, hijinks, and adventure. Such a clever, distinctive, memorable book.

Grade Level: 3-7

Additional Resources:

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  • Frank Cottrell Boyce’s other books, especially Millions and Cosmic
  • Another story with great voice, mystery, and missing parents: Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage
  • Another family story featuring a main character who gets into trouble and doesn’t always tell the truth: Notes from a Liar and Her Dog by Gennifer Choldenko
  • Another book about a boy who means well but causes a lot of trouble: Joey Pigza Loses Control  by Jack Gantos

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