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Popular Clone book cover

Popular Clone

About the Book:
Meet Fisher Bas: 12 years-old, growth-stunted, a geeky science genius, and son of the Nobel Prize-winning creators of the Bas-Hermaphrodite-Sea-Slug-Hypothesis. No surprise: Fisher isn’t exactly the most popular kid in his middle-school, tormented daily by the beefy, overgrown goons he calls The Vikings. But he senses relief when he comes upon the idea of cloning himself–creating a second Fisher to go to school each day while he stays at home playing video games and eating cheetos with ketchup. It’s an ingenious plan that works brilliantly, until Fisher’s clone turns out to be more popular than him–and soon after gets clone-napped by the evil scientist Dr. Xander.

My Two Cents: This is a fun, sometimes silly book that reluctant readers will probably love. There’s plenty of zany science fiction here that’s rooted just enough in real science that it might make kids curious enough to experiment themselves. 

Grade Level: 4-7 (some challenging science vocabulary and middle school themes)

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