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One Day in the Desert book cover

One Day in the Desert

About the Book: As day breaks in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, a wounded mountain lion limps toward a Papago Indian hut. The lion fears people, but today he is desperately hungry. And he has caught the scent of Birdwing and her mother. Then a loud thunderclap warns Birdwing, the mountain lion, and all the creatures of the desert that danger is near. A flood will soon wash over the land – and some will not survive it.

My Two Cents: This is a very short book that still packs plenty of information about the wildlife and habitat of the desert. There’s enough of a storyline mixed in with interesting animal, plant, and geological information that kids will zip right through this book. The best part is how much they’ll learn in the process. This is just one title in a five-book series by Newbery-winner George.

Grade Level: 2-5

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