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All visits are adaptable to virtual or in-person format
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Visits of all Varieties

Full-Day Visits

Up to two assemblies and two workshops plus lunch with the author for a small group of students and/or faculty. Full-day visits include a bookmark for every student as well as three copies each of Like Magic and Paper Chains and an Amacitia book box for the school's library. Presentations can be adapted in length from 30-50 minutes.

Half-Day Visits

Two assemblies or workshops plus lunch with the author for a small group of students and/or faculty. Presentations can be adapted in length from 30-50 minutes.

Classroom Visits

Classroom visits can be scheduled locally or as part of a larger author visit.

Skype Visits

I'm happy to do a free 15-minute Skype visit for classes, community groups, or book clubs that have read one of my books. I'm also willing to do longer visits for a small fee.


My fourth graders had the opportunity to Skype with Elaine this school year, and it was, in a nutshell, amazing! We were reading "Paper Chains" as a class read aloud at the time, so my students were star-struck. Not only did Elaine share about her life and her writing process, but she even read aloud an excerpt from her not-yet-published upcoming novel! She also took the time to answer a TON of questions with the utmost kindness, patience, and warmth. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us!

Maria Vallejo, Fourth Grade Teacher, Hannah Martin Elementary School

We had the privilege of Skyping with Elaine Vickers on World Read Aloud Day! Her passion for writing was reflected in everything she shared. Students connected to her immediately and were intrigued with the writing process and the generation of writing ideas. Like Magic and Paper Chains have quickly become favorites! If you are looking for a way to inspire readers and writers in your classroom, Elaine will not disappoint!

Micki Uppena, K-12 Library Media Specialist, Winskill Elementary School

"The whole presentation was spectacular. There was just enough balance between 'selling' your love of writing, and interaction with the kids to get them excited about doing something new. The kids and I were not only entertained, but we learned a lot about what an author 'looks' like. Thank you for sharing that you also love to do something other than write."

Becca Esplin, Fourth Grade Teacher at Fiddlers Canyon Elementary

"Elaine's dynamic personality as an author/presenter invites conversation and reflection. She is both approachable and fun. It is evident that she loves what she does and loves the life she lives. Our middle school students were dazzled by her adventures and her life experiences. For Elaine, there is a story everywhere---life is Like Magic, now go write about it!"

Amyanne Rigby, Canyon View Middle School PTSA

"My Creative Writing class was privileged to have Elaine as our guest author for a mini workshop. She guided the students through the process of writing a novel. They were captivated by her enthusiasm and thoroughly motivated to follow in her footsteps! Thank you so much!"

Annette Black, Language Arts Teacher at Canyon View Middle School

Assembly and Workshop Themes

The Power of Art to Connect Us

In this presentation, I use the music, paintings, and poems from Like Magic to illustrate the power of art to connect us—to each other, and to the world around us. Students participate to create on-the-spot poetry, music, and art, and we discuss the connections we form as a result. (Grades K-8)

An Author’s Journey: Turning Ideas into Stories into Real Books

How do you take that idea in your brain and turn it into an actual story? How do you turn that story into a book that people can read? In this presentation, I take students along my journey from a kid with ideas to a published author and answer many common questions along the way. Highlights the need for hard work, perseverance, creativity, and passion in whatever you’re pursuing. (Grades 4-9)

Grow Your Creativity

Every student may not dream of being an author, but all students have the potential to be incredibly creative. In this presentation, I share several ways to grow the creativity that already exists inside each of us and help students see that the world really does need their creativity. When we cultivate that creativity and find the confidence to let it grow, we truly can changes lives--starting with our own.

The Biggest Summer/Year of Your Life

Especially fitting for the end of the calendar or school year, this presentation is designed around the idea that this summer can be the biggest year of a student’s life (so far). Through three interactive challenges, I'll help students paint their own mental picture about what “the biggest summer of my life” might mean for them this year—and how they can make it happen. (Grades K-8)

Grow Your Story (Workshop only)

This workshop helps students recognize the story ideas all around. Each student will take their story seeds and choose one to develop, whether they're starting with a character, a theme, or an overall concept. Students will turn that seed into the framework for a whole novel by organically drawing out the elements in their initial idea.

Custom Presentation or Workshop

Any of the above presentations can be tailored to an individual school or range of grade levels. In addition, I will work with the teachers and librarians to craft a workshop and/or presentation that fits into the current curriculum. Custom events can include topics in language arts, math, music, and/or science.